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The New Zealand Chinese Association (Inc) (NZCA) was established as an incorporated society in 1935.[1]


The Association was established with specific intention of being a national Chinese organisation that represented and worked for the well-being of the Chinese people in New Zealand. It main objectives include:

  • To provide New Zealand Chinese the means of mutual help, social interchange and recreation.
  • To promote the intellectual, moral and physical well-being of Chinese in New Zealand.
  • To unite and co-operate for cultural and educational purposes.
  • To deal with matters concerning the welfare of Chinese in New Zealand.
  • To be and remain non-political and non-religious.[1]

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In 2018, the New Zealand Chinese Association had 14 branches and one sub branch located throughout New Zealand:

  • Auckland Branch
  • Waikato Branch
  • Gisborne Branch
  • Hawkes Bay Branch
  • Taranaki Branch
  • Wanganui Branch
  • Manawatu Branch
  • Horowhenua-Kapiti Branch
  • Wellington Branch
  • Canterbury Branch
  • South Canterbury Branch
  • North Otago Branch
  • Otago-Southland Branch
  • Invercargill Sub Branch[1]

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The Association has premises in Wellington located at 23-25 Marion Street, Wellington which are used for administration purposes. These premises are also used by the Wellington Branch.[1] In 1950, the Association purchased the Hotel Mayo, at 9 - 11 Marion Street, to be used as a private hotel for members.[2][3]----

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