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LOCAL AND GENERAL, Evening Post, 6 April 1897, Page 4. (1897, April 6). Evening Post, 4. https://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/newspapers/EP18970406.2.18

The Chinese of this district, who have on many occasions acted in a very generous manner to the Wellington Hospital, have given another evidence of their liberality to the institution in the form of a donation of £49 9s, made up as follows : —Collected by W. Hong Kew—W. Hong Kew, £3 3s; Loong Key, 10s 6d; Ming Seen, 5s; total £3 18s 6 d. Collected by Sing KeeSing Kee and Co., £5 5s; Lum Kee (Masterton) and Quin Kee (Dannevirke) £3 3s each; Thomas Chang Luke, Bing Kee (Ohingaitei), Yee Lee, Sing On Kee, Tong Wah, Louis Kitt, Chung Tuck, Ah See, Hong Chong, Chong Kee, Wing Kee, Ah Poy, Jim Lee, £1 1s each; Joe Way, How Kee, Fou Lee, and Wong Low, 10s 6d each; Gam Tong, and Gee Fun, 10s each; Qui Lee, 5s; Lee Toy, 4s. Total £28 15s. Collected by Wong SheWong She, £5 5s; Wang Sing (Featherston), Wong Qine Kee (Carterton), Yee Wah, Hop Lee, Wong Wah, Wong Tong, G. Wah Kee, Wong Noo Chay, £1 1s each; Long Hong Gett, Wong Koon, Fain Lee, Mow Lee, Sing Lee, and Sing Shing, 10s 6d each. Total, £16 16s. Grand total, £49 9s.


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