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Located at 120-126 Courtenay Place, The Shanghai Restaurant was considered to be a Wellington institution[1], being the first Chinese restaurant in Wellington to cater for non-Chinese members of the community.[2] It was famous for its Ching dynasty decor and extensive menu, which included well tried Chinese dishes, as well as European foods, such as steaks and chips.[2]

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Shanghai Café sign, October 2021

Opened in 1948 by Ng Soon Wah, his son Thomas Carr Yam Ng, and Joe Lai Choy, it was popular with local Chinese as a meeting place and the restaurant was also used as a venue to play mahjong.[2][3]

In 1956 when it was sold to a cousin Humphrey Ng, who ran it until 1972 when it passed into the hands of in-laws of the family KK and Kit Har Yen.[2]

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