Joe Kum Yung memorial, Haining Street.

The New Zealand Chinese community has a long history in Wellington, New Zealand, with the earliest Chinese settling in Wellington around the 1860s[1] when John Ah Tong set up a carpentry business in Willis Street[1]. Chinese didn't arrive in significant numbers until the 1880s[2], some 30 years after Wong Ah Poo Hoc Ting (aka Appo Hocton) jumped ship in Nelson to become the first Chinese migrant to New Zealand[3][4][5], and only a few years after the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce invited Chinese miners to Otago[6]

Early Chinese activity in Wellington historically centred around Haining Street and Frederick Street, which was unofficially known as Wellington's Chinatown, or 'Tong Yan Gaai' (Chinese People's Street).

This wiki maps locations of significance to this community, and some of the history, organisations, businesses and people associated with them.

Although this wiki focuses on the greater Wellington area, there will be some content from further afield, which has a connection with the history of Chinese in Wellington, or may just be snippets of information that are of interest.

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