William 'Bill' Wong

Bill Wong's father Wong Cho Ling was born in Sha Tau village in 1871 and came to New Zealand in 1894[1]. His grandfather Wong Quing Kee (1855-1916) had come to New Zealand in 1888[1]. The elder Wongs moved to Carterton sometime around the turn of the century where they opened a fruit shop[1]. Bill was born in Carterton in 1911[1][2] and lived there his whole life[1]. He was elected to the Carterton Borough Council in 1953 and was deputy mayor of Carterton from 1959 to 1965.[1][2] In addition he was chairman of the South Wairarapa Acclimatisation Society, steward of the Wairarapa Racing Club, on the Wairarapa Electric Power Board, Rotary, a Mason and a successful businessman[1][2]. He died in 1984, aged 73[1][2]. A street in Carterton, William Wong Place, is named after him[2], one of only two streets in New Zealand named after a Chinese New Zealander, the other being George Gee Drive in Korokoro.[1]

Wairarapa Library Service Kete holds a copy of the Will of Wong Cho Ling (father of William Wong) and associated documents[3].

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